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Coffee Shop Productivity – Ambient Sounds, Interesting Experiences, and Productive Work

Even before COVID-19, more and more people were choosing to work somewhere outside a corporate office. Whether working in remote locations such as home offices and coffee shops (or skipping out to work in nature), it really does feel like the tipping point for remote workers is on the way. Relatedly, one interesting concept which […]

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Should You Dust Before or After Vacuuming?

When it comes to cleaning controversies, this one question has to be the biggest. Do you dust before or after you vacuum? Some people say before, others are adamant that after is better. So which is right? There are valid reasons for both ways, but in reality, there can only be one right way to […]

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Mopping vs. Vacuuming

Hardwood floors are an amazing investment for your home. They improve the look of your home, make your home healthier and in many respects are easier to care for than carpet. Honestly, they last much longer too. However, many people just don’t know how to properly care for their hardwood floors and end up damaging […]

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10 Common Bacteria Found in Homes

Believe it or not, your home is FULL of bacteria. No matter how hard we try, getting rid of bacteria is a futile task. Bacterial are in the air we breathe and they live on every nook and cranny in our house and are on everything we encounter outdoors. Not all bacteria are bad. We […]

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How Important is Vacuuming For Your Health?

I don’t know too many people on earth who find great pleasure in vacuuming, other than myself. There is not a ton of joy in dragging around an awkward, heavy apparatus, sending all of the pets scattering, and then emptying the dirt-filled bag to reveal all of the dirt and debris that used to occupy […]

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Ultimate Guide to Vacuum Types

There was a time, not long ago, when you didn’t have to spend hours researching a vacuum cleaner before buying. Most vacuums on the market were pretty much the same. Maybe you had a brand that you preferred, or one came with more attachments. Maybe you preferred an upright vacuum over a canister vacuum. Those […]

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Step by Step Guide to Car Vacuuming

You want your experience when driving to be pleasing, right? Well, driving in a freshly cleaned car is one of the best ways to accomplish that. We often times find ourselves eating or sipping on a beverage when driving or shuttling around kids who tend to spill, and some of this debris may get embedded […]

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How do Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Work?

There is, in our humble opinion, a legitimate debate when it comes to bagless vacuum cleaners. There are some excellent models and technology and the filtration is getting better all the time. We hope that by weighing in on some history, facts and pros and cons, you’ll have a better idea of whether a bagless […]

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